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Motorized Window Covering Documentation

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Motorized Window Covering Product Instructions
Battery Powered
Remote Controls
Individul & Group Controls
Sun & Wind Controls
Cord Take-Up Systems
Accessories & Special Applications
Wiring Diagrams


File Size
Battery Catalog 1300kb
Electronic Control Catalog 7800kb
Motor Catalog 6700kb
Somfy Price List 4900kb


File Size
Automated Window Coverings 620kb
Builder's Brochure 2500kb
CT32-RT Motor 1900kb
Digital Window Covering Solutions 744kb
Glystro 1500kb
LT30-RT Motor 1500kb
MultiLink 1700kb
Sonesse 30 & 50 Motor Intro 1300kb
Sonesse 30 Motor 3200kb
Telis Collection 3100kb
Tilt Wirefree 1200kb

Product Instructions


File Size
Altus RTS 880kb
Fabric Tension System (FTS) 468kb
Glydea Motor 8.6mb
LS40 Motor 424kb
LT FTS Installation 152kb
LT28 Motor 11.1mb
LT50 & LT60 CMO Motor 688kb
LT50 & LT60 Motor 716kb
LT60 Motor 5.7mb
Orea RTS Motor 572kb
Phoenix Motor 136kb
Programming Guide - All RTS Motors 300kb
RTS CMO Motor 680kb
Sonesse 30 DCT 2300kb

Battery Powered

File Size
CT32RT Cordlift Wirefree 460kb
CT32RT RTS 612kb
CT32RT Visual Reference Guide 228kb
LT30 Round Head 556kb
LT30 RTS 668kb
SystemII Remote 88kb


File Size
5 Position 2 Speed Rocker Switch 60kb
Basic Switch Wiring Diagram 432kb
Chronis RTS Timer Quick Guide 96kb
Chronis RTS Timer 4800kb
Decoflex RTS Switch 1200kb
Decorator DC Switch 72kb
Decorator IGC Switch 100kb
Decora RTS Switch 140kb
Digital Keypad 68kb
Digital Keypad IGC 116kb
Infrared Switch 92kb
Intellis IGC/GCS Timer 96kb
Maintained Rocker Swith 40kb

Remote Controls

File Size
Centralis DC 68kb
Centralis Receiver 216kb
Eolis Receiver 283kb
HRC IR 15 Channel 148kb
HRC RF 124kb
IRS300 84kb
Multi Channel Infrared Control 1100kb
Multilink Expander 60kb
Multilink Installation 224kb
Multilink Plug-In 248kb
Multilink SnapTrack AC 280kb
Multilink SnapTrack DC 280kb
RTS DC25 1500kb
RTS Pocket Programming Guide 4.3mb
RTS Receiver Contact Outputs 584kb
RTS Receiver ILT Motor 116kb
RTS For Tilt Motors 112kb
Single Motor Remote Control 876kb
Telis 16 204kb
Telis Composio RTS User Manual 3400kb
Tilt Wirefree 1900b
Telis Transmitters 248kb
Wireless Command II 108kb

Sun & Wind Controls

File Size
Decorator Comfort Control 1100kb
Decorator Somfy-Matic Outdoor Plug-In 120kb
Decorator Somfy-Matic 1500kb
Eolis-Receiver 1500kb
Eolis RTS Sensor 300kb
Eolis Wind Control 168kb
Eolis Wirefree Sensor 148kb
Soliris Receiver 1700kb
Soliris RTS Sensor 320kb
Sunis Instructions 4600kb
Telis Soliris Transmitter 48kb

Individual & Group Controls

File Size
DC5 8 Channel IR 172kb
DC5 24 Channel IR 172kb
Group Control System II (GSC-II) 748kb
IGC 3N1 104kb
IGC DC 744kb
IGC HB 32kb
IGC RTS Receiver 52kb
IGC Sub-Group Control 64kb
IGCII 3N1 116kb
IGCII 1400kb
Moduline System 1200kb


Cord Take-Up Systems

File Size
CTS25 Horizontal Products 2400kb
CTS25 Pleated And Cellular Shades 1800kb
CTS25 Roman And Woven Wood Shades 2600kb
CTS40 Horizontal Products 1100kb
CTS50 Cord Take-Up System 572kb

Accessories & Special Applications

File Size
Drapery Motor 64kb
Drapery Switch 44kb
Glystro Installation 2700kb
Glystro Programming 3000kb
IGC Tester Cable 40kb
ILT IGC 48kb
ILT Switch 136kb
Isolation Control 56kb
LT28 Stall Sensor 48kb
Power Distribution Panel 1300kb
RS232 Interface Module 616kb
RS232 Multichannel Interface 668kb
RS232 To RTS Compatability 184kb
RTS Dry Contact Inferface 40kb
RTS Repeater 37kb
Synchronizing Control 220V AC 172kb
Synchronizing Control 60kb

Wiring Diagrams

File Size
AMX GCS 92kb
AMX IGC/3N1 88kb
AMX IGC 88kb
AMX IRS 300 88kb
AMX Moduline 8000 92kb
AMX Moduline 8100 80kb
AMX Moduline 9000 88kb
AMX Moduline 10000 88kb
AMX RTS Dry Contact Interface 84kb
Centralite DC-5 64kb
Centralite DCC/IGC 40kb
Centralite DSM/IGC 56kb
Centralite GCS 48kb
Centralite HRC/IR 40kb
Centralite HRC/RF 40kb
Centralite IGC/3N1 36kb
Centralite IGC/3N1 HB 36kb
Centralite IGC 36kb
Centralite IGC/HB 36kb
Centralite IRS 300 40kb
Centralite Moduline 8000 40kb
Centralite Moduline 9000 40kb
Centralite Moduline 10000 40kb
Crestron DC-5 104kb
Crestron GCS 80kb
Crestron IGC/3N1 76kb
Crestron IGC 76kb
Crestron Moduline 8000 76kb
Crestron Moduline 8100 76kb
Crestron Moduline 9000 80kb
Crestron Moduline 10000 72kb
Crestron RTS Dry Contact Interface 76kb
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